October 17, 2018, 02:12:48 AM

Link Exchange Program

Do you have a good quality website that may be struggling to get pageviews, and it happens to be related to ours? Do not fret, young webmaster, as our affiliate/link exchange program is here to help save the day!

It's simple. You register an account on Fusion Gameworks and send a message to Cap'n Coconuts or JudgeSpear expressing your desire to exchange links. If we decide your site is worthy of a link, then we'll give it a prominent position at the upper right of our home page.

We prefer button links that are 88x31 in size like this: Fusion Gameworks. However, if you can't feasibly provide a button in that size, we'll settle for a text link.

If you want to exchange links with Fusion Gameworks, you must follow the listed criteria:

  1. Your site ought to be related to video games in some way. Gaming forums, gaming reviews, browser games, a gaming webcomic, whatever--as long as it's about gaming, we'll consider it. Computing and software in general are a bit of a stretch, but we'll look at it.
  2. Your site must have quality content that makes it worth visiting. To put it bluntly, we aren't interested in linking to garbage.
  3. All affiliates must be somewhat safe for work--no gore, no nudity, etc. If you aren't sure, you can still ask--but obvious adult content is strictly prohibited. No exceptions.
  4. You must keep your link to us available at all times, barring brief maintenance or server downtime. If your link is missing, our link to your site will be taken down. It may also be taken down during extended downtime.
  5. Don't hotlink our images. Copy them and upload them to your server or an image host like imgur.

When you link to us, you may use one of the following images:

Fusion Gameworks(88x31, standard affiliate button size)
Fusion Gameworks(117x30, Project Wonderful button size)
Fusion Gameworks(125x125, square size, animated GIF)
Fusion Gameworks(234x60, half banner size)

And you can link with the following HTML (edit for your copy's url):

<a href="http://www.fusiongameworks.net/"><img src="YOUR COPY'S URL" alt="Fusion Gameworks" /></a>

If you're looking for a custom size or some other animated goodness, contact CC and he'll consider it. If you want something linking to yourself that is larger than our 88x31 button, consider using the Project wonderful ad box at the bottom of many of our web pages.