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Author Topic: Super Castlevania III Demo 2 Download  (Read 21499 times)


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Super Castlevania III Demo 2 Download
« on: August 03, 2011, 08:48:25 AM »
Well Obreck finally got done what he wanted for the second demo release. Here's the link:

Mirror 1 (Gaming Reinvented)

2 recent videos I made of the project:

A copy of the admittedly primitive readme:

Super Castlevania 3: Demo release v0.2

Created and coded by Obreck2.

Email =


Its a 16bit, Chronicles style remake of Castlevania 3. Chronicles style as in the stages and their content will undergo
heavy remixing. Player controls will also be expanded, for example Trevor taking up much of CV4 Simon's gameplay.

What's New:

- Playable Alucard. You can switch between him and Trevor at any time.
- 2 New stages, the Sunken Swamplands and Braum's Aquaducts
- New MP3 music looping system allows MP3 quality songs with Game Music quality looping

Known issues:

- The collision still has a few minor flaws
- Still trying to perfect the loop points of the Hellhound and Werewolf miniboss songs
- The last checkpoint in the Aquaducts sometimes has an alignment in its screen transition. Not game breaking though.
- Some animations, backgrounds, enemy deaths, etc are still being polished


Arrow Keys = movement
Z = basic attack
X = jump
A = use sub-item
D = Switch Player
S = Special Moves:
Trevor: hold down to moonwalk. Can be done on the ground and on stairs
Alucard: Normal = backdash. +Up = Bat Morph +Down = Wolf Dash
Enter = Enter pause menu.

Controls can be configured on the title and pause menu. Due to Game Maker's poor joystick support, joystick control is not
present. I recommend getting a joystick emulator, such as JoyToKey. You can get JoyToKey here:


Coder/Leader/Founder: Obreck2

Stage Designer, Project Creative Assistant: Mew

Extra Character Art and Misc contributions by Laslunder and reiko26

Consultant: Del

YouTube Previews provided by: Obreck, Judgespear, Ultimate Gamer

FMOD Music Driver by Firelight Technologies’

SXMS Music Driver by Shaltif

Custom Tilesets provided by Thaddeus

Title Music Remix by Russell Cox

EDIT: Stage 1's music remix by Yasher

Special Thanks to:

The Fusion Team & SMF Team
The MKFR Forum community
The Spriter's Resource

Sprites Rips from the following TSR members were used, or will likely be used (May be incomplete):

Lord Zymeth
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