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Author Topic: Explanation of the forum titles  (Read 3887 times)

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Explanation of the forum titles
« on: September 03, 2011, 08:56:50 AM »
Administrators on FFR are in charge of the inner workings of the site itself. They control the functionality and appearance of the forums and the home page. Not all admins are developers on the Fusion Fangaming projects. They were chosen due to their expertise in webmaster tasks and knowledge of webpage design. Administrators have global moderation privileges.

MKF Developers are the core, active developers of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. They also have global moderation privileges.

SMFR Developers are the core developers of Super Mario Fusion Revival. They have global mod privileges.

Fusion Fangaming Developers are frequent contributors to other Fusion Fangaming projects such as Super Castlevania III, Mega Man DL, and Xeno Fighters R. They do not have global mod privileges.

Beta Testers are specially chosen members of the community with exclusive access to closed beta versions of Fusion Fangaming projects. They also have access to a special board where testers and communicate with developers regarding feedback on these closed beta tests. No moderation privileges.

Notable Contributors are regular members who have been recognized by the staff as frequent and/or significant contributors to Fusion Fangaming projects. This title is just a mark of recognition. This group does not have any responsibilities on the projects nor any moderation powers.
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Fusion Gameworks is now an independent game developer. We have moved on from making fangames, and as such, we will no longer provide support for our older fangames.


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