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Author Topic: Fan requests for the MKF master source  (Read 527 times)

Description: The realities of trying to continue the project

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Fan requests for the MKF master source
« on: February 21, 2017, 11:01:30 AM »
Hello all.

We have been getting requests by fans that they want to continue Mushroom Kingdom Fusion on their own because they are fans of the game. We cannot stop you, but we highly advise against it. Please read the following to get an idea of what you will be getting yourself into if you decide to want to continue the project:

1.) The game was developed on GM8, so good luck running it on anything newer than Windows 7.
2.) Porting it to Studio is a logistical nightmare.
3.) MKF uses obscure external files that I am unsure will even work on Studio
4.) The music download alone is over 400MB.
5.) Everything is disorganized in the source, and there are features that not even the developers can find to this day (Rush Jet coding)
6.) The game requires an ungodly amount of RAM to run.
7.) Even if you somehow get some actual progress going on the game, good luck tangling with Nintendo's recent trigger-happiness at shutting down fangames.

Most importantly, answer these questions pertaining to yourself and decide if the effort required will be worth it in the long run:

1.) Do you have any computer programming experience?
2.) Do you know how to use Game Maker?
3.) Do you have a decent grasp at game theory and level design?
4.) Do you have access to external software needed to to make the assets, like a graphic editing program, audio editing program, etc.?
5.) Are you prepared to spend years working on the project? At one point MKF had 22 people working on it, and in 7 years they have not finished. One person working alone on this project, even devoting all their free time on it, will easily spend multiple years working on the project, and a realistic final release would be sometime in the 2020s.

The Fusion Team has no interest in pursuing continued development of MKF, therefore we have no interest in helping others out should they decide to continue MKF on their own.

MKF was popular in 2007 (10 years ago as of this writing) because there was no other fan-made game like it before and at the time. In 2017, the idea of a mega-crossover with a darker and edgier slant is dated, and there is almost no appeal to those sort of fangames these days. You will only appeal to a niche group who are obsessed with nostalgia and childhood memories.

If after reading all that you still insist on continuing MKF on your own, the download links are below:

(Download links coming soon)

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