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Author Topic: HELP! Sliding is broken in my work-in-progress Mega Man engine!  (Read 2814 times)


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Hello all, I'm fairly new here (although I do believe I have already introduced myself). Anyways, that's not why I am here right now.

I have been trying, and trying, to fix the sliding in my Mega Man engine for several weeks now, but to no avail; it will not work. I do not know what I am doing wrong, and if anybody on this forum is willing to help, I would be very, very grateful (and you'll also get credit for working on the engine as well!).

The problem is very strange; Mega Man acts differently on different areas of terrain when sliding. When he is on the middle of a block, the sprite moves to his sliding position, but he does not move. On the edge of a platform, he will fall off, and will get stuck inside of block objects, breaking the collision system.

Attached is the Game Maker 8.1 source file. Thanks again for potential help!
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