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Author Topic: TD'S MANSION EGGSTRAVANGANZA  (Read 2092 times)

Description: unoffiical mfgg irc easter event 2016

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« on: February 28, 2016, 09:37:44 AM »

Easter 2016 is here, and you've been invited to Thunder Dragon's house for the biggest, bestest egg hunt evar! There's just one little thing... where did everybody go?

With hyper-realistic, next-gen graphics!

As you can see, the graphics are clearly unparalleled.

CC, what the unholy disgust are you doing?!

I'm making an Interactive Fiction game (or "text adventure" if you want to call it that) with an Easter theme. The goal of the game is two-fold: to collect eggs, and to find out why the house is almost entirely empty during what should be a giant Easter party. I hear the power is mysteriously out in the basement, and there are things that go bump in the dark in there...

But that's not all! Not only is it a game, but it's also a contest between MFGGers! A competition to see who can find the most eggs! A race to the title of most festive! And you'll most certainly get to play the full game around March 27!

WHY are you doing this?

Some of you may or may not remember MFGG's previous Easter events. Well, I'm not a wild fan of it basically being a string of puzzles, and I thought an interactive fiction game would feel more like an actual egg hunt. There are puzzles to be solved, yes, but logic puzzles aren't emphasized here.

How will I play?

Well, the game isn't complete right now, but when it is you will connect to and join #MFGG, then enter !egghunt to make CocoBot automatically open a new private message tab for you. You'll be playing in that tab.

Wait, this is an IRC game?

Yes, and you must be in our glorious #MFGG channel to play. This of course implies that you aren't banned from #MFGG. If you are banned, it is most likely your fault--but if it isn't, send me a PM explaining the situation.

Are there badges involved?

Presently, I cannot guarantee any badges for being part of this activity. If you would like badges, please flood the MFGG staff's PM inboxes with pictures of cute bunnies.*

Can it be ported to a different format (Studio, Clickteam, etc.)?

I can do that in the future, yes.

*Please don't actually do that. Cap'n Coconuts accepts no responsibility for any disciplinary action resulting from flooding inboxes with cute bunnies.


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