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Author Topic: Welcome to the Mario's Nightmare Quest Forum!  (Read 2627 times)


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Welcome to the Mario's Nightmare Quest Forum!
« on: November 28, 2015, 03:42:45 PM »
Well, it's finally happened!  Mario's Nightmare Quest is now a Fusion Gameworks project, and will be an official title alongside Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, Super Mario Fusion Revival and Mega Man Day in the Limelight!

So what's happening now this is the case?  What's the future of the game?  Heck, what is Mario's Nightmare Quest?

For starters, Mario's Nightmare Quest is my fan game/ROM hack project where Mario and Luigi are trapped in a parallel dream world by the demon king Antasma, and have to battle to escape back into the real world.  Split into multiple parts and with all kinds of strange and intriguing areas far removed from the normal trappings of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario's Nightmare Quest plays out a bit like Super Mario Fusion Revival, mixing the unusual worlds and ideas with traditional 2D platformer style gameplay and level design.

As for what's happening in future... the game is currently on demo 1.  This demo contains about 60-70% of the game first's part, and can be downloaded in the other topic.  Future updates are coming soon.

Finally, we're now closing the discussions for this game on most other forums, leaving only this forum and Gaming Reinvented for discussing the game.  This will hopefully bring everything together a bit more easily, and avoid people having to spend a couple of hours checking a good twenty or so different websites for updates and feedback.

Let's get this thing started!


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