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Fusion Fangaming is now Fusion Gameworks!
Posted by: Judge Spear in Site News Board on May 04, 2014, 07:22:43 PM
Fusion Fangaming (August 2, 2011 - April 6, 2014) is now Fusion Gameworks.

Fusion Gameworks resides on its own server that we have paid for, along with our very own domain name! Our name change coincides with the Fusion Team's desire to one day delve into the independent game development realm. Do not worry, as the fangames our team has become well known for will continue to be made available from this site. Fusion Gameworks will still support the fangame ideas of its members.

Since the move to our new server is still recent (May 2, 2014), a lot of features that were on Fusion Fangaming are unavailable or still under construction. Please be patient as we get everything up to speed on our new server.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that if you already have an existing acount on Fusion Fangaming,  you do not need to register again for an account here. Just sign in with your Fusion Fangaming username and password. We were able to upload the complete Fusion Fangaming forum database here on this new site.

We are back, but as Fusion Gameworks!

P.S. Fusion Gameworks would like to offer a formal and sincere apology to The Spriters Resource. We had no idea what caused tSR to go down, including all hosted sites (such as Fusion Fangaming), but we were reactionary and hasty in our public handling of the situation.
The current and final plans for MKF
Posted by: Lars Luron in Site News Board on November 29, 2013, 04:13:22 PM
I'm posting this as sort of a clarification as to the current state of MKF. While we did publicly mention this, it was done several posts into the cancellation topic, so it seems like a lot of people missed it. Or else they simply read the first post and left the rest. So this is to clear up everything for everyone.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is not cancelled. Or at least, not completely.
We on the Dev Team had a lengthy discussion shortly after the cancellation announcement, and we've decided to go in a slightly alternative route.

We are still putting an end to the project. However we're doing so by wrapping up the game early. Rather than continue on with the vast amounts of plans we had for the game, we've decided it would be best to simply tie up all of the loose ends and put out v1.0 once and for all.

What does this mean? Well, it means we're pretty much scrapping most of our major plans we had left for the game. All the extra levels and features and characters and all that that aren't completely necessary for the game, they're all getting cut. This also includes pretty much all of World 0. Twisted Reality will likely just be reduced to a single final level with Legion as the boss, rather than the original roster of levels that we had planned. This also means we're dropping the nightmare levels and Abomination.

We're not cutting everything, though. We're still going to finish any of our level projects that we've already put a good amount of work into, and we're also going to keep any levels that are actually necessary for the game, such as World Boss levels. We're also still going to be adding cutscenes and story elements into the game, although probably not until near the very end of development. Basically everything the game actually needs in order to be completed is still going to be added, regardless of how much work is done on it already. So anything that the game either doesn't actually need, or that doesn't have a good amount of work put into it already, can be considered scrapped.

The status of the characters is still a bit of a gray area. We're still planning on cutting a lot of the extraneous characters from the game, although the details of which ones might possibly be exempt are still in flux for the time being. We may or may not finish any of the character work that was originally planned, including adding Kirby and Samus. It all comes down to a matter of time, effort, and motivation.

So that's where we're at right now. The project itself is not being cancelled, but all of our extensive plans we originally had for the game are. We're technically no longer on hiatus right now either, but pretty much the entire Dev team is still dealing with RL matters, so any progress is still going to be kind of slow. Fear not, though, we're still going to post the occasional video on our YouTube channel, so keep an eye on that for occasional content vids.

EDIT: Lastly, for those who wanted it, we're going to be holding off on releasing the source for the game until after we've finished it,

The Devs of the MKFusion Team thank you all for your patience.
New (old) Youtube Channel
Posted by: AuraLancer in Site News Board on November 08, 2013, 09:01:20 PM
Some of you may have stumbled upon it already, but the old MKF Youtube channel has been redesigned for all of the Fusion Fangaming projects. You can expect to see videos from all games in it from now on.

Make sure you check out the SCV3 playlist for some unposted updates!


And speaking of Super Castlevania 3, laslunder can still use some coding help. PM him here on the forum if you want to assist.
Official Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Announcement
Posted by: AuraLancer in Site News Board on October 30, 2013, 02:53:50 PM
Hello everyone, Auralancer here to formally announce the discontinuation of the Mushroom Kingdom Fusion project. It's been a long, bumpy ride for Fusion Fangaming's original game, but in the end, we devs have decided to move on. After 5 years, the project just doesn't hold our interests anymore.

What does this mean for the project? We're going to compile everything that's already finished and release the game as Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v1.0. We will also be releasing the master source alongside it, but it's important to note that it's only compatible with Game Maker 8.
The master source is only compatible with GM8. Not 8.1 or studio. You don't need Game Maker to actually play the game, just to clarify.

We will no longer accept bug reports for the game. Once we release v1.0  the bug report forum will be shut down. The MKF discussion boards will remain open for people to discuss the game, as well as the game release section (obviously). As with all our releases, we won't give a release date.

We thank everyone for their support and work and hope you'll enjoy our other games, both in progress and upcoming.
Mushroom Kingdom Fusion has been cancelled
Posted by: Theonesuperx in Site News Board on October 19, 2013, 09:23:25 PM
This game looks like it on a train to Cancelled Land. Is the New engine even being work ?

Judge Spear's response:

I will be frank and very blunt:

Yes, Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is cancelled.

The only developer left who is truly capable of rewriting the MKF engine, Lars Luron, is bogged down with real life issues, searching for jobs for the last several months; when he is not, he's too busy playing Minecraft or other games, or he is considering working on yet another solo game project to go along with his one-time Sonic fangame idea that never got off the ground and his untitled Mega Man fangame. Lars Luron lacks the initiative to set his priorities (real life and free time) straight, and this is causing huge problems for MKF.

Del is struggling with finding a job. As much as he says he wants to continue with MKF, real life has gotten in the way.

Last I heard, AuraLancer is encumbered with school and work at the same time. He has mentioned to me that he lacks the motivation to not only work on MKF, but fangames in general.

I have absolutely no interest, now or ever, to return to Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. The game as it stands now is a shell of its former self, back when it was a Mario game crossed over with Halo and Mega Man and Doom and it took the internet by storm in early 2008. I was absurdly ambitious and lacked restraint, but I was not the only one then who caused MKF to spiral out of control. Former developer Obreck kept adding so many ridiculous additions, which were implemented via extremely confusing and undocumented coding, that all the way up to MKF's hiatus, they had caused problems that no other dev could fix. The other devs turned a crossover Mario game in which Mario visits other worlds into an unbalanced mess that served mostly to satisfy the nostalgia filters of gamers who grew up in the 1980's to the mid 1990's. This is why I left MKF to found Super Mario Fusion Revival: to revive the original concept that became the abomination now known as Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.

I have seen MKF's failure coming for nearly three years. I had warned the MKF devs, past and present, that eventually the project would collapse in on itself, but almost no one listened. Those who listened ended up working with me on SMF:R, a project we are carefully ensuring to never spin out of control like MKF and Xeno Fighters R. Most who did not listen ended up abandoning MKF.

I apologize for this grim news, but for nearly 5 months after MKF went on "hiatus", absolutely nothing had come from any of the MKF devs. The devs who keep saying the MKF is still alive, but never put any work towards it, real life obligations or not, are desperately clinging to the faded glory the project once enjoyed.

In closing, unless the remaining developers wish to prove otherwise, this is my formal announcement of the cancellation of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.

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