Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.65.1 Released

A patch release, once again by our fellow Dooki51, is now available! The following video details major changes since v0.6.


Fusion Gameworks will no longer feature MKF or any of its updates, as requested by former devs.

The project is alive, however progress has been moved to the game page.

Do not bother to comment here, you will not get any response. Please use the Discord server for any questions (see page).


Google Drive (w/ Optional Skins)

===Changelist for 0.65.1===
-The bug where occasionally the SHIFT or CTRL keys would get stuck should now occur much less often. A complete fix for this bug will be done in the future.
-Several music tracks have been swapped out for more appropriate tracks
-Increased the speed in which the timer counts down when a level is completed
-Enemies that are too close to a warp pipe when a player is moving through them will be killed but award no points
-Roll now reverts to her blue form when getting hit from a higher powerup
-Megaman's jetpack now function's like Roll's jetpack
-Link's bombs now explode upon impact with enemies, but he can only shoot one at a time now
-Fixed firing a chargeable fireball as the Mario bros. immediately after kicking a koopa shell
-A few of Luigi's sprites have been cleaned up and made consistent, courtesy of Kibbleknight
-Removed several unused lines of code relating to removed characters
-Repurposed a few unused sound effects
•Protoman now uses an updated sound effect for entering a level
•Zero now uses a different sound for his fully charged buster shots
•Wario’s “Wario Time!” quote now plays after his Guts Man intro, as it was intended to be
•Vile now uses a different sound for his shoulder cannon
-Fixed Classic Mario and Classic Luigi's flying sprites
-Fixed some backgrounds for special stages being incorrect
-Fixed Banshee Boardwalk’s W4 exit pipes
-Fixed the missing backgrounds in Shroom Lagoon, Storm Canyon, and Verdant Plain
-Fixed the missing tiles and broken warp in Tree Zone Trek
-Fixed players getting stuck in the ground immediately after the underground portion of Subcon Panic
-Fixed the missing tiles at the end of Dinosaur Land and Running of the Bulls
-Made Whispy Woods slightly easier to beat
-The secret exit in Forest of Silence can now be reached without a powerup
-Fixed the bullet bill launcher in Barren Badlands being 1 block shorter than it was supposed to be
-Arcade Factory now uses the correct coin sound effect
-Fixed the projectile for the projectile shooting enemies in Arcade Factory using incorrect sound effects
-The sound effects for the UFOs from Neon Labyrinth are no longer bugged

4 thoughts on “Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.65.1 Released”

  1. Yeah, been playing this again and I can say I’m happy to see there’s still work done to this project. If you guys are still working to finish it up, good luck!

  2. ive played this game a couple years now lol, on and off, and not very seriously at that. Something always seems to be missing and ive figured out what it is. whenever you die to a pit fall or whatever, the duck hunt dog… not every time, just enough to stay funny.

  3. Love this game!
    Played it years ago.
    Found out this great project was still working only a few months ago.
    Since then I’m trying to make it run on Android. On emulators like freeDosbox an MagicDosBox.
    I must be missing something because it just won’t work. 🙁
    Anyone has any advice??
    Would be great to have it working on phone 🙂

  4. Hello there.

    Just wanted to say that I’m a big fan of the project, since about 9 years.

    It made me sad when I heard rumors of shutting down the project, but these days I googled it and now I feel happy that this game is being updated.

    Great work, keep it up!

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