Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.65.1 Released

A patch release, once again by our fellow Dooki51, is now available! The following video details major changes since v0.6.


Google Drive (w/ Optional Skins)

===Changelist for 0.65.1===
-The bug where occasionally the SHIFT or CTRL keys would get stuck should now occur much less often. A complete fix for this bug will be done in the future.
-Several music tracks have been swapped out for more appropriate tracks
-Increased the speed in which the timer counts down when a level is completed
-Enemies that are too close to a warp pipe when a player is moving through them will be killed but award no points
-Roll now reverts to her blue form when getting hit from a higher powerup
-Megaman's jetpack now function's like Roll's jetpack
-Link's bombs now explode upon impact with enemies, but he can only shoot one at a time now
-Fixed firing a chargeable fireball as the Mario bros. immediately after kicking a koopa shell
-A few of Luigi's sprites have been cleaned up and made consistent, courtesy of Kibbleknight
-Removed several unused lines of code relating to removed characters
-Repurposed a few unused sound effects
•Protoman now uses an updated sound effect for entering a level
•Zero now uses a different sound for his fully charged buster shots
•Wario’s “Wario Time!” quote now plays after his Guts Man intro, as it was intended to be
•Vile now uses a different sound for his shoulder cannon
-Fixed Classic Mario and Classic Luigi's flying sprites
-Fixed some backgrounds for special stages being incorrect
-Fixed Banshee Boardwalk’s W4 exit pipes
-Fixed the missing backgrounds in Shroom Lagoon, Storm Canyon, and Verdant Plain
-Fixed the missing tiles and broken warp in Tree Zone Trek
-Fixed players getting stuck in the ground immediately after the underground portion of Subcon Panic
-Fixed the missing tiles at the end of Dinosaur Land and Running of the Bulls
-Made Whispy Woods slightly easier to beat
-The secret exit in Forest of Silence can now be reached without a powerup
-Fixed the bullet bill launcher in Barren Badlands being 1 block shorter than it was supposed to be
-Arcade Factory now uses the correct coin sound effect
-Fixed the projectile for the projectile shooting enemies in Arcade Factory using incorrect sound effects
-The sound effects for the UFOs from Neon Labyrinth are no longer bugged

2 thoughts on “Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.65.1 Released”

  1. Yeah, been playing this again and I can say I’m happy to see there’s still work done to this project. If you guys are still working to finish it up, good luck!

  2. ive played this game a couple years now lol, on and off, and not very seriously at that. Something always seems to be missing and ive figured out what it is. whenever you die to a pit fall or whatever, the duck hunt dog… not every time, just enough to stay funny.

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