Surprise! Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.6.5 “Chocolate Shroom” RELEASED! (Unexpected Error FINALLY FIXED!!)

Great news for everyone, a stuffed release and a final fix for the Unexpected Error are out, courtesy of Dooki51 with help from BPzeBanshee!

MKF v0.6.5 Dooki Dooki Panic Chocolate Shroom


Google Drive (w/ Optional Skins)

===List of NEW levels===
•Banshee Boardwalk (1-GH2)
•World 5 Exit (Addon to 1-18)
•Forest of Silence (4-1)
•Ruined City (4-8)
•Mystic Forest (6-5)
•Green Greens (8-5)
•Awazon Caverns (8-11)
•Abstract Landscape (-1-4)
•Snowdriftland (-1-6)
•Battle For Dirt Hill (-1-7)
•Neon Labyrinth (-1-8)

=== SCREENSHOTS (featuring 10 new levels)===


See the chunky Changelog for all the details.

For older versions, the Unexpected Error can be fixed by applying the Large Address Aware patch on the game’s executable.

===Major Changes===

-The "Unexpected error" problem has *finally* been solved! Players should no longer see this error when the game is almost done loading.
-The source has been further slimmed down, putting the executable size at around 72 MB (down from 80 MB)
-Minus World is now COMPLETE! As well as additional new levels, see below.
-Mario and Luigi's chargeable fireballs have been reenabled.
-Increased player speed in the shop.
-Classic Mario & Luigi have been given a slight overhaul: Their sprites have been remade to look more accurate, and they can now receive the raccoon ability. Updated sprites were made by the talented Kibbleknight.
-Ryu Hayabusa, Meta Knight, Kirby, and Samus have been removed from the game entirely due to being buggy, unbalanced, or unfinished.
-Vinny is now playable again, but he only functions properly (and is only selectable) if debug mode is enabled. A few creative liberties were taken to make him stand out and a few of his graphics were changed or updated, but otherwise he’s exactly as you remember him. In addition, his graphics were converted from bmp to png.
-Cheat menu has been given an update. The cheats are now generally more useful.
-Slope detection has been slightly improved. Unfortunately, fixing the inability to run down steep slopes would likely require a rewrite of the collision system entirely.
-sxms-3.dll, in_spc.dll, and msvcr71.dll are no longer necessary for the game to run. These dlls and their accompanying scripts have been unused since 0.53 and have been removed.
-Jaquio and Jashin's battle rooms were orphaned due to their respective levels never being finished. They've been removed along with all of the assets belonging to those two rooms.
-Several unused sound effects were removed. A few were repurposed or reused.

8 thoughts on “Surprise! Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.6.5 “Chocolate Shroom” RELEASED! (Unexpected Error FINALLY FIXED!!)”

  1. Nice Job for fixing this “Unexpected Error” However, there’s only one problem remains for this type. Exiting the game will result in the keyboard and mouse messing up. If you guys are still making patches, it would be kind to fix this bug, especially since my mouse highlighted my items rather than normal clicking. Other than that, thanks for the update. 🙂

  2. Thank you for all your work!

    I wanted to join your Discord server that you linked in a couple of places (your and your release video for 0.6), but the invite link seems to be expired. Can you make another invite link please?

    1. Thanks for the support! Dooki isn’t done yet, so expect at least a patch release later on.
      Unfortunately some of the former devs requested the Discord link be removed, so it’s no longer possible to join. I’ll adjust those links accordingly (forgot about that).

        1. There are still ways to be part of the community (on the left of the page here). I’d say give the Subreddit a shot, it could use some activity. I’ll also be posting any news about the project, though who knows when that’ll be.
          Don’t forget the MKF Wiki! Lots of info and content there, which may or may not be accurate and/or outdated:

          It’s not my place to speak of such things, but I understand if they want to distance themselves from such a troublesome project; this was something done in their spare time rather than a paid job. People feeling absurdly entitled and making ridiculous statements like “porting MKF on their own to the DS” or “here is an idea, make it for me” absolutely did not help.
          Understandably, they want to move on and make their own, proper commercial project. I wish them the best of luck and will be giving my support when required.
          MKF is over for them, and the same applies to myself.

  3. I’m going to address it since it came to a surprise when I checked back up on this awesome game years later from the 0.5 versions of the game. also made props for continuing the work but I have to ask about a specific line in the change log

    -Ryu Hayabusa, Meta Knight, Kirby, and Samus have been removed from the game entirely due to being buggy, unbalanced, or unfinished.

    So along with the simple explanation at the end of it I must ask….WHYYYYYY just why. I can understand Kirby and Samus because I’ve always saw them greyed out and could never select, but for the 2 players that were at least playable why cut them out of the game, sure Ryu was buggy and Meta Knight unbalanced but that’s just like the Smash bros reason why Ice Climbers were removed from the wii u and 3ds version when they didn’t have to be. If they are playable why remove them or tweak them nonetheless. What of the people who do a solo player run with these two characters. I just can’t understand the reasoning behind it especially for a awesome crossover such as this, and I don’t want to come across as a overly whiny person other than giving my input into the matter but it’s just something that bothered me and it’s not like characters can’t be tweaked heck Meta Knight used to have unlimited flight. I just wanted to share this topic and hopefully they can be brought back whether they be better, newly made, or flat out the same. other than that keep up the great work I look forward to playing all this massive gem has to offer.

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