Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is on indefinite hiatus

It’s time to move on…

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So, it has finally come to this. After months of frustration surrounding this project, I have finally decided to do the right thing and move on. But first, let me explain…

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking “MKF is dead again, what a lousy xmas present”, but let me remind you: this is an entirely free project with over a decade of history behind it. Many people have gotten their hands dirty with it, and all have failed to complete the game for one reason or another. The main reasons being GM itself and the lack of focus and direction for such a massive project, especially as something done in someone’s free time.

First of all, Game Maker 8 (and arguably GM in general) just wasn’t the right tool for this kind of project. The original creator, Mark Overmars, designed it so that students could learn the basics of game creation, hence the drag & drop and less direct approach to scripting. And even still, it was designed for small projects, not the colossal monstrosity that is MKF. Frankly, it was never going to work out, and you can see the results already, as some people literally cannot play the game due to “Unexpected Errors”. It’s the most frustrating piece of software I ever had to use, and I no longer have the patience to use it.

Secondly, work on v0.6 was done during my unemployment period. Unsurprisingly, things just progress a lot faster if you have actual time to work on them instead of real life obligations. I’m genuinely surprised I managed to do so much with this project in such a short time. And even with my current job, I still managed to crank out a patch. However, this is no longer feasible. Everytime I want to work on it, there’s always something that gets put in the backburner, and even then there is no guarantee I have an efficient weekend, as yet again I had to deal with GM8’s many, many issues instead of, you know, actually working on the game. It drained me out completely, and I never want to get involved again.

Finally, at this point I just want to move on. Ever since the project officially died, there was a certain detachment, since I spent such a long time with these group of people. I felt obligated to finish what they started, no matter what. But now I understand that I have to cut this ball and chain and finally go forward towards other projects.

While all work has stopped on it, you are free to do whatever you wish with the available assets. Unless my Google Drive account spontaneously combusts, it will forever remain available for everyone to peruse. Interested in checking out unused content? Check the Backup folder there, as well as some forgotten Art. I’ve also added my To-do list, feel free to check that out if you’re curious about what could’ve been.

And now, it is time to let it rest… may future projects carry its spirit, as such a strong few in the community have shown what can be done.

3 thoughts on “Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is on indefinite hiatus”

  1. It’s sad that nobody was able to finish this great project. I can see how hard it was for everyone involved on it, but i’m thankful this project existed. I used to have a lot of fun playing it, and I still have. I still hope you can finish it someday.

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