Mushroom Kingdom Fusion: “Unexpected Error” Auto-Fix is now available!

For any users suffering from the dreaded “Unexpected Error”, an automated fix is now available!

IMPORTANT EDIT: A proper, permanent fix has been found. Please use the Large Address Aware tool to quickly patch the game’s executable. This will allow MKF to use more than 2 GB. (Make sure you have at least 3 GB, obviously)

Quick heads-up, the Unexpected Error Auto-Fixer is now available.

The community found out that disabling the Display Adapter Driver allows you to play MKF perfectly if you are suffering from the dreaded Unexpected Error. This tool automates the process!

What this does is disable the Display Adapter Driver before starting the game, and Re-Enable it after closing the game, ensuring you can resume regular Windows operations. It only needs a quick edit from yourself in order to determine your GPU driver.

Available in Google Drive and, as usual.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that this actually works perfectly. If this is your case, you will need to deactivate the driver manually instead. Also, since you’re not using your GPU, don’t expect high performance either. Apologies for that, but this is the only solution so far.

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