Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.6.1 PATCH is now OUT!

Fixes a lot of critical issues reported. Music fixes w/ instant volume adjustment. Player Selection is also MASSIVELY faster!

===PATCH v061 NOTE===
-When loading a saved game from a previous version, you will not have any music. After loading, go to the Music Volume again, change it to whatever you want, save the game, then reload it. Issue fixed!
===V0.6.1 CHANGELOG===

-Fixed Starman music resetting level music volume.
-Music volume was being incorrectly applied on init and music change; this has been fixed.
-Music volume is now saved and loaded correctly!
-Changing music volume is now IMMEDIATELY applied. No more confusion.
-MASSIVE optimization to player selection! It’s now MUCH faster to load any player! (Caused by External HUD Code)
-ALL player sprites have been converted from .bmp to .png, further speeding up the loading process.
-Fixed flag music incorrect filetype for Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Arthur, Roll, Link, Vile, Clasic Mario, Classic Luigi, Simon, Zero.
-Protoman now uses the correct flag music.
-Improved Zero start image (thanks, Dooki51)
-Dying will no longer still let you exit the stage, which would save your life.
-Can no longer Exit Stage on special levels, such as encounters.
-W1-S3 (Tiny-Huge Island): Doubled the timer.
-W1-5 (Sandy Oasis): Fixed floating pipe start point in 2nd Area; Fixed missing water tiles.
-W1-8 (Shroom Lagoon): Fixed missing tiles at the end of the 2nd area.
-W1-S7 (Dinosaur Land): Fixed missing lava tiles in 3rd room.
-W1-S9 (Frozen Plateau): Fixed missing block tile in flag pole.
-W1-F6 (Fortress of Traps): Doubled the timer.
-W1-F7 (Dungeon ‘O Doom): Fixed all missing tiles.
-W2-S1 (Yellowstone Journey): Removed pointless powerups at the autoscrolling start.
-W2-5 (Aztec Citadel): Added an extra reward at start area if you manage to reach the 2nd tower.
-W2-15 (Scandinavian Campaign): Final area’s speedy run section is now easier, with a better gun and extra powerup. Planes are also one-hit stompable! (Careful of their hidden missiles in the smoke, though.)
-W6-7 (Gemini Canyon): Fixed horizontal blue line caused by a background with bottom transparent line.
-W9-WB (The Library): (Possibly) Fixed intro sequence. Fixed missing music in arena rooms.

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