Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.6 “Vanilla Shroom” RELEASED!

The legend returns… (click the post for a video by yours truly)

EDIT: Now also available on!


(Read the README file for more info. Includes a HUGE changelog)

It’s finally here. After several years, MKF has been resurrected. Have fun!

If you’re new here and don’t know what the heck this project is about, please read the previous blog post.

Also, I’d like to mention that work on the project will resume in December. I have a massive backlog that I want to catch up on.

-MASSIVE optimization: the source has been repackaged with GMK Splitter and a lot of files externalized, so expect smaller load times, smoother framerates, and an overall better experience.
-ALL sounds have been lowered (internal & external), a 2-in-1 fix that allows a higher volume and doesn’t compromise music quality.
-ALL songs (over 220!) are now in high quality! Not only that, but new ones have been added, and every single one has been carefully picked, so much of them are actually brand new!
-3 NEW levels, recovered from lost sources: W1-S0 Height Valley, W2-6 Cruise Control and W4-7 Death Volcano.
-NPC Dialog and Cutscenes implemented! Expect old and new sections to use them! (Mostly in certain boss fights or specific levels)
-ENORMOUS amount of tweaks and fixes for EVERY SINGLE LEVEL in every world, using Mario as a common ground. Other characters are untested, but some tweaks have been applied such as adding life jackets.
-A new World, the Warp Zone, a super convenient world that quickly teleports you to any world. Most even allow you to teleport to specific points in a world! You can go all the way to Minus World in just a few seconds!
-Other convenient additions such as the ability to change music volume (requires music change/restart), exiting stages at any point, and additional cheats like room warp and level clearing.
-Minor changes that are too abundant to mention here. Check the enormous changelog below (read from bottom to top!)


-“Unexpected Error” when trying to run the game on modern systems (GM Issue, can’t fix, but possible workarounds include a clean MKF installation, trying to run the exe again and again, and restarting your computer if nothing else works.) (NOTE: You CAN run this even in W10 64 bits, which is exactly what I’m using, and with zero issues!)
-The game sometimes restarts or even exits when starting/continuing levels (GM issue, can’t fix, very rare)
-Music sometimes doesn’t start (GM issue, can’t fix, but I personally never had this problem)
-Possible stutters. Shouldn’t be nearly as common now, let me know exactly when and why it happens when it does.
-Low framerates for SOME users. (GM issue, can’t fix, workaround suggested by one user is to use Cheat Engine’s speedhack mode on the executable)
-Many, many issues with slopes, specifically going below and going down slopes. A VERY known bug at this point and one of my top priorities for future releases. Avoid running down slopes if you’re close to pitfalls.
-Characters with larger collision boxes have trouble getting through tight spaces (Exit stage & switch to Mario-like character)
-Some levels have difficult or impossible sections with certain non-mario-esque characters, due to their gameplay mechanics. (Future fix, for now exit the stage and switch to a mario-like character)
-Green mask shows up for Arthur. (Under investigation)
-“Loading a save with Simon as the active character makes his heart counter invisible and the health meter becomes incorrect. It’s only fixed once you switch to a different character and back. — Dooki51”


===Changes from WIP #7 to v06 Vanilla Shroom===
-Warp Zone implemented! Every world now has convenient teleports, allowing quick access to all worlds, most of which have at least 2 warp points! Look for the blue vortex in the map.
-Stage Exit implemented! You can now exit a stage anytime. Just remember that you’ll start out in the current checkpoint (or start point, if none was reached). Starting a 2nd level resets the 1st level’s progress.
-World 1 now uses the SMB Melee theme variant, while “The Crossroads” level uses the Smash theme variant (as suggested by Dooki51).
-W1-3 (The Transitway): Added a Message Box at start point, explaining the Stage Exit.
-W1-F1 (Grassland Outpost): Fixed missing tiles for Sumobro’s platform (thanks, CB78)
-W1-4 (Lake of Amnesia): Fixed missing tiles. (thanks, Dooki51)
-W1-8 (Shroom Lagoon): 3rd room, fixed some missing ground tiles at start & end points. (thanks, Dooki51)
-W1-F3 (Dire Dire Docks): Fixed missing BG in World Exit final room. (thanks, Dooki51)
-W1-16 (Mushroom Forest): Life Jackets on 1st room.
-W1-F6 (Fortress of Traps): Shroom at start & Checkpoint.
-W1-S1 (Subcon Panic): Area 2A (Cave entry section) no longer starts the cave song, so it doesn’t restart it. Moving to other rooms using ladders has been adjusted, so you start on solid ground now.
-W1-S4 (Birabuto Bash): Fixed missing lava tiles in 3rd room. (thanks, Dooki51)
-W1-S7 (Dinosaur Land): Fixed missing castle in final room. (thanks, Dooki51)
-W2-3 (Skyscraper Domain): Fixed 1st checkpoint; Mario now respawns after the rocket blows up. (thanks, CB78)
-W2-6 (Cruise Control): Now has its own, appropriate music!
-W4-5 (Corpse of the Behemoth): Fixed broken boss checkpoint (thanks, Fernando)
-W4-7 (Death Volcano): Now uses W4 coins. 3rd room initial spot adjusted to reflect the rampaging volcano. Slight adjustment to 1st room enemy positions.
-W9-WB (The Library): Fixed intro timing.
-Removed W8-5 (Green Greens) Level tile, which restarted/crashed the game due to missing level.
-Plasma Pistol now only fires after releasing the Fire button, no longer wasting single shots just to charge.
-If the level goal is reached, the level will now be forced to end after 15 seconds as a safety measure.
-Fixed Luigi’s Hammer Suit Carry animation (thanks, Luigicat11)

5 thoughts on “Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.6 “Vanilla Shroom” RELEASED!”

    1. Ah, I suppose it’s not very obvious. After clicking the download link (posted above), you’ll see a file named “MKF v06 Release – All-In-One.7z”, correct? This is an archive file, used to compress files into one neat package.
      The easiest and most common way to open it is with a free program called 7Zip (or alternatively use WinRAR, for example). After installing 7zip, it should automatically associate the file with the program, so you can just click the .7z file and it’ll open.
      The program window should open, revealing the game folder. Just click the Extract button at the top and point towards the location of your choice.
      Voila, you’re ready to play now, just go to the game folder and run the executable there, which is named “MKFv06VanillaShroom.exe”.

      1. Thanks! So i seem to be getting an error every time i try to run it i get an unexpected error followed by External exception C06D007E and then access violation. Any ideas?

        1. I’ve actually answered this in a video comment, so here’s my reply from there:
          “Unfortunately this is one of GM’s biggest problems. An “Unexpected Error” is one of the worst and most useless errors you can possibly get, and sadly there is no obvious fix that I know of.
          Some users reported that trying to run the exe again and again eventually makes it work. Rebooting your computer is an awful solution but has also worked for some.
          I’d also suggest temporarily disabling your anti-virus and see if it works that way, as certain AVs can cause some nasty false-positives (and if that’s the case, make an exception in your AV settings). Whatever you do, make sure no programs are interfering with the game in some way.
          This might not be directly related, but one user mentioned that using Cheat Engine’s speedhack mode solved his issues with low framerates; considering how it manipulates the exe file, might I also suggest attempting to run the game exe using Cheat Engine? (If someone had sucess getting past the error using this method, I’d be grateful if you let me know about it.)
          I personally run the game in W10 64-bits with no issues whatsoever, but I might just be one of the lucky exceptions.

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