Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is ALIVE! v0.6 Progress Report

Surprise! MKF is still alive! At least unofficially.

(Video created by MeriX)

V0.6 Progress: 100% (RELEASED!)


EDIT2: v0.6 is RELEASED! New blog post incoming, use the link above to download the game.

EDIT 1: WIP 7 is out, with ALL worlds playtested! Getting very close to release now.

Please follow the instructions provided in the README file there. Using the WIP version is actually recommended, but make sure to grab the stable version first.

This is a solo undertaking by D-TurboKiller (aka me), in order to preserve the game in a proper, functional state. Unfortunately v053 had a lot of glaring issues that needed to be fixed, which didn’t allow for a proper playthrough of the game. This version aims to fix just that, as well as provide a couple additions and more polish.

So, why undertake this by myself in the first place? It’s a simple answer, really. I originally found MKF about a decade ago and have been in love with the very concept ever since. A gigantic crossover consisting of an insane variety of 2D (even some 3D!) games, while somehow managing to be a solid 2D platformer with around a dozen characters that play far too different that any notion of balance goes straight out the window? Absolutely, sign me up on that! It’s a gigantic, nostalgic love letter from an era of gaming that frankly should’ve stayed alive in a more substantial form. I even managed to do some small contributions to the project, despite not being exactly the most skilled person around, as expected of an early teenager at the time.

But… all was not well with MKF. I will not go over any details, but suffice to say, the enormous scope didn’t help, the team wasn’t as stable as it should’ve been, and perhaps most importantly, the engine itself. Game Maker was not meant for anything more than small games. AT ALL. Eventually they decided enough is enough, and gradually went their own ways. There were attempts at reviving it (Super Mario Fusion Revival), but it never reached the level of interest and awe of the original. Regardless, MKF stayed in our memories…

With the recent release of the latest official source, nostalgia won and I decided to dirty my hands that very same week. It was… an excruciatingly painful experience at first. Game Maker 8 would be a completely unacceptable tool to use by today’s standards, even back then it was just bearable. It feels like over half the time I spend on the project involved either getting it to work or getting around GM’s insane amount of issues. Sometimes I believe it was intentionally designed to screw with your work, but I digress. I pushed on until what you see now today. Hopefully it’s worth the wait!

Here’s a list of major changes:

  • ALL songs are now High-Quality (200+ songs), and are either the originals, better remixes or thematically appropriate. Around half of them are brand new to this version, and file size is only slightly higher than the old, low-quality version.
  • Every single sound (external and internal) has been de-amplified by around -12dB, which means it’s no longer extremely loud and allowed me to conserve music quality.
  • Convenient options, such as Music Volume and extra cheats for completing levels or changing rooms.
  • Major attempt at externalization, reducing source/exe size considerably, and ensuring slightly faster load times.
  • Added 3 new levels: W1-S0 Height Valley, W2-6 Cruise Control and W4-7 Death Volcano (see video above). Any additional levels will be for a future release.
  • Complete playthrough of every single world and level as Mario, leading to massive changes in playability and many, many fixes. (NOTE: 7 out of 10 worlds are finished as of this post, more to come)
  • Other changes, see changelog below.

The final stable v0.6 version is expected to release sometime this month.

As for v1.0, it’s a planned release that aims to finish the game in its entirety, but with no release date besides when it’s done. I can, however, mention the planned changes:

  • An actual Beginning and End to the game
  • Additional story that aims to make something coherent of what’s available
  • Major and minor tweaks to every character
  • Possibly fix glaring issues such as going down or up slopes
  • Add many lost levels from recovered sources, as long as it doesn’t break the main source itself

HERE is the readme with the complete changelog so far (read from bottom to top!). Please note that the optimized files from the initial release no longer exist.

And that’s it for now. I hope this keeps you excited until the proper release!

6 thoughts on “Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is ALIVE! v0.6 Progress Report”

    1. Unfortunately World 0 never really had anything done besides a few concepts and ideas and a provisional world map. I can’t really say much about what will replace it, but it will definitely be something much smaller and concrete.

      Also, I’d like to inform everyone that I’ll be busy with real life, so I’ll probably only be able to work on the project mostly during the weekends. However, if all goes well, expect a new version this weekend, as I am going to try and playtest worlds 8, 9 and -1. It’s not going to be a release version, but it’s certainly getting close now 😉

      1. hi im new here and i come after learning about 0.6 happy about this and i have ideas to share-try create some but i fail so i think this is better.
        about twisted reality i want this world in game but with some plot twists-and ofcource smaller that original project -ex a level where the rivals of the game chars is the good guys and the mario the evil or a level in the real world.

  1. I’m having trouble trying to get the game to run, every time I go to launch it I get this error message:
    Exception EExternalException in module KERNELBASE.DLL at 001117D2. External exception C06D007E
    Access violation at address 6E394B00. Write of address 6E394B00
    PC Info:
    MOBO – MSI 990FXA-GD80-V2
    OS – Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
    RAM – Mushkin Blackline Radioactive 16GB DDR3
    GPU – MSI GTX 970 Gaming
    CPU – AMD FX 9590

  2. I was checking that name by nostalgia, and was REALLY surpprised to see that somoene took in under his wing!

    Thanks for the work, and best of luck with it, it sure sounds like a nightmare to work on, but it will be quite a major feat if you succeed! 😀

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