Mushroom Kingdom Fusion source files now available

We were able to find and organize the MKF source files and put them up for public download. Please note Game Maker 8.0 or 8.1 is required to open the GMK file if you want to edit it without any conversions from the GMK format. You can open this file in Game Maker Studio 1 or Studio 2, but you will be doing a lot of converting of functions from GM 8.x that are not supported in Studio 1 or Studio 2.


Anyone can edit and modify these source files, and even make their own revival of this and Super Mario Fusion Revival. However, before you download either of these sources, please read the following carefully:

  • These projects were developed on Game Maker 8. GM8-made games do not run properly on most computers running Windows 8 or later.
  • Game Maker 8 is no longer commercially available by YoYo Games. If you want to continue development of these projects without porting them to GM Studio, a working copy of Game Maker 8 Pro is absolutely required. We will not give you a copy of Game Maker 8 Pro, so please do not even ask.
  • Porting these projects to Game Maker Studio and later is a logistical nightmare, which is why Fusion Gameworks did not attempt to port either of these projects to a later version of Game Maker.
  • Remember that you are taking a risk of having Nintendo come after you if you decide to put forth effort in reviving either of these projects.
  • We will not provide any support to the public regarding how to use the source files.

Working on a fangame in the scope of these projects requires a lot of effort and dedication to see through. Ask yourselves these questions to give yourself an idea what to expect when taking on these projects:

  • Do you have any computer programming experience?
  • Do you know how to use Game Maker?
  • Do you have a decent grasp of game theory and level design?
  • Do you have access to external software needed to to make the assets, like a graphic editing program, audio editing program, etc.?
  • Can you gather people of different talents together to make these projects happen again?
  • Are you prepared to spend years working on these projects? These projects had multiple people working on them over many years, and they did not finish. If you will be working on them alone, even if you devote all your free time on them, you will easily spend years on these projects.

If after reading all that you still are committed to continuing these projects on your own, the download links are below. By clicking on the download links, you indicate you have thoroughly read all of the above disclaimers and assume all risks.

Download Links

MKF Source files, music not included (154MB) – Includes the GMK file that opens in Game Maker, DLL files for music playing, and all non-music external files such as background images and sprite sheets.

MKF music files (162MB, 111MB) – These music files come split into two compressed archive files, the first being 162MB in size and the second 111MB. Make a folder named /Music (the ‘M’ is capitalized) in the main MKF folder and extract everything to that folder.

These downloads are mirrored at Gaminglatest here:

You can also find these links in the original blog post along with the SMFR source download links at:

5 thoughts on “Mushroom Kingdom Fusion source files now available”

    1. No. The software used to make the game runs on Windows-only PCs. Therefore, the games made by the software only runs on Windows PCs. On a Raspberry Pi running Windows 10 IoT Core, it is even much less likely the game will run on that platform because MKF does not run on regular Windows 10 PCs due to the software having problems running on PCs running versions of Windows later than Windows 7.

    2. Actually, you probably can! I’ve never used one myself, but as long as you’re able to use Wine and grab the necessary DLLs, it should work. And it should work for Game Maker 8 or older games.

      This is the method I used to run it on my linux laptop, specifically the latest Xubuntu x64:
      -Get a working version of Wine + Winetricks.
      -Basic configuration. Start winetricks, select the option to use its prefix.
      -Install DLLs. DirectX9 (winetricks will recommend a specific version of it) and Directsound (dsound, required for playing .wav files) should be enough.
      -Go to winecfg. In the Library tab, edit the dsound dll so it uses the internal version instead of native. A MUST, otherwise expect an enormous delay when playing audio. Pulseaudio (Audio tab) seems to work perfectly, otherwise use winetricks settings to change the audio device.
      -Start MKF using the game’s executable. It will likely throw an error that sounds might not play; this is due to using the internal dsound library instead of the native one. Don’t worry, it works!
      Bear in mind it might not run at full speed; MKF was already quite heavy for a Game Maker game, with tens of thousands of assets and lots of memory required.

  1. I have a Problem on game_errors.log
    Here the log
    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object obj_fademaker:

    In secure mode you cannot use DLLs

    1. In Game Maker 8 or 8.1, in the menu bar, go to the File menu and select Advanced Mode if you are in Simple Mode. Once in Advanced Mode, go to File > Preferences… and in the Preferences dialog window’s General tab, clear the check box for the option “Run games in secure mode, not executing programs” at or near the bottom of the dialog window.

      This is the Preferences windows with the Secure Mode option in Game Maker 8.0:
      It may look slightly different in GM 8.1, but accessing this option is the same in both 8.0 and 8.1.

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