We still plan to go indie after Mario Fusion

We announced in the past that we had converted to independent game developing. Some time after, however, we realized that we as an indie game company would not really have that much experience if we do not have any completed projects under our belt. This was when we decided to return to development of Mario Fusion and finish that game. Any future updates to Mario Fusion‘s development will be made in our Discord server. We will not post any public YouTube videos (only unlisted) or make any Forum posts about the game’s development; we will keep it completely underground until it is complete, then release it. After we have completed at least one project as a team, we feel it will be the best time for us to finally go indie.

1 thought on “We still plan to go indie after Mario Fusion”

  1. Been thinking recently about the game and decided to look up and try to find some answers and look at that?

    An awaited closure… props for the work, fellas!

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