Clearing up some Mario con-Fusion

Mario Fusion is a reboot of Super Mario Fusion Revival, not Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. Both Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and Super Mario Fusion Revival have been cancelled due to the following reasons:

  • Both were developed on legacy Game Maker (7, 8, and 8.1), which does not run well on all modern Windows PC’s running Windows 8.1 and higher. Both projects were too far in development in these obsolete versions of Game Maker to be able to be ported over easily to Game Maker Studio and later.
  • Both projects encountered so many technical problems due to their massive content that development using legacy Game Maker became extremely problematic, resulting in the Game Maker application crashing when we were developing the projects.
  • Game Maker 8.1 is required to edit the source files of these projects. However, these versions are no longer for sale by YoYo Games, since they stop supporting previous versions of Game Maker once a new version is released.

There are no plans by Fusion Gameworks to revive or reboot Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.

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